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Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump Case Study

Reducing the energy demand of buildings has become one of the key points of the European Union. The issue related to the air conditioning of old and historical buildings is nowadays one of the most important field of operation for the primary energy saving and, at the same time, for the reduction of the CO2 emission. The recent development of heat pump able to rise the supply of high temperature at the condenser side makes this technology suitable for the application also in historical buildings that are characterized by low thermal insulation and high thermal capacitance. In this context, the ground source heat pump systems can be used for both heating and cooling. The aim of this work is to analyze the thermal behavior of two historical buildings located in Italy, in Venice and Florence respectively. Detailed computer simulations of the buildings have been carried out by means of a transient calculation tool TRNSYS. Energy simulations of GSHP systems have been performed and a comparison with a common plant system using a gas boiler for heating and air-to-water chiller for cooling has been carried out.

Commercial ground source heat pumps case studies

School - Northumberland

2 x 75kW reversible heat pumps providing heating and cooling to air handling units serviced by 40 boreholes








Hospital - Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

60kW heat pump providing underfloor heating serviced by 14 boreholes








Sheltered accomodation - Lincolnshire

45kW heat pump providing underfloor heating from 10 boreholes; retrofit, integrated with LPG boilers 




Offices - County Durham

2 x 30kW reversible heat pumps providing heating and cooling to fan convector radiators from pond loops




Monastery - Yorkshire

2 x 30kW heat pumps providing heating and domestic hot water from 10 boreholes




School - Teeside

100kW heat pump providing underfloor heating from horizontal ground collectors




University test facility - Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

Gas absorption heat pump, air blast chiller and gas boiler connected to two open loop boreholes, one closed loop borehole and slinky trenches 1m and 6m deep




School - Cumbria

45kW heat pump providing underfloor heating, integrated with gas boiler, serviced by horizontal ground loops