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The Conclusion Of Your Personal Statement Should

UCAS endings

Choosing the right place to finish is often the most difficult. So I will now try to offer some guidelines.

  • Each paragraph ending must hook onto the next paragraph and should leave the reader satisfied that their is a natural segment and purpose in each sentence. Keep it short and keep it simple. This method is suitable if you decide to have a general topic for each paragraph.
  • If you use a natural progression structure or timelines then try to end each paragraph with one sentence to sum up your feelings and emotions. Also try to have a little suspense in each section - to leave the reader to carry onto the next section. So far your UCAS personal statement should bring the events in your life to the current moment. Please see below for an example ending:

"I have the skills and determination to succeed on this course. After six months working as an assistant editor I knew I wanted to train to be a journalist. This course will fulfill my dreams"

  • This sentence clearly heralds the end and summaries the students personal statement. You may try a number of different endings to find the one to suit your particular UCAS personal statement.


The body of your personal statement should contain compelling stories from your life and personal insights that demonstrate who you are and how you standout from other applicants (Source).

But those persuasive pieces are only effective when they serve to illustrate your ultimate goal or motivation for writing the essay; your big “reason why.” Without connecting your stories and insights to a powerful “reason why,” you personal statement can become a series of unrelated anecdotes that may be interesting, but they don’t tell an admissions committee why you are the applicant they should select for the position.

I like to call your “reason why” your Destination. Your Destination is where your essay is headed, and the persuasive stories and insights are the vehicle that drives your reader to your Destination.

Conclusions to Reach at the End of Your Essay:

  • You want to be of service in a meaningful way
  • You have a love of research
  • You want to be a leader or a teacher

If you brainstorm your stories and insights first, it will be much clearer to you which Destination to select because your stories will logically fit with one or two Destinations. Narrow your choices to one or two Destinations to give your personal statement focus. It’s better to be specific and exhaustive with one Destination than to only scratch the surface of several Destinations.

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