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On Assignment Glassdoor


As mentioned in the title this is a very difficult work environment. Everything is micro-managed which is fair enough if the KPI's were realistic and conducive to worker productivity and happiness. For example, one of the KPI's state that each recruiter or account manager must spend 3 hours per day on the phone. This doesn't sound like a lot but for the most part it is extremely difficult to do so what ends up happening is that employees spoof their phone time in order to avoid problems with management. This in turn leads to less productivity and unhappy workers. I spent two years working here and I don't think I had more than 3 genuine hours phone time a total of 10 times. Even if you are making placements they will try to find something to criticize you on the KPI's: phone time, number of attempted calls etc. The best recruiters in there make a tonne of placements but don't pay any attention to KPI's, they get a pass because they are making the company some good coin. However, for the rest of us mere mortals you get crucified at least once a month for not hitting KPI's. By the time I finished working here I was completely deflated and really hated going to work in the morning, the relentless pressure gets to you eventually.

It's also worth noting that there is a massive turnover of staff. While I was there it wasn't uncommon for maybe four new hires to start on a Monday, after two weeks at least one would be gone, after a month another would be gone and after six months it would be likely that at least another or maybe both of the remaining recruits would be gone. Usually due to the relentless pressure.

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