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Crawford The Cat Practice Makes Perfect Essay

Practice makes Perfect Essay

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Practice makes Perfect

As I look back on my schooling I can’t believe how many papers I’ve written throughout my life. Naturally as I’ve grown up, my writing has developed from learning how to write sentences all the way up to the pages of essays that consist of deeper criteria. I know for a fact that I’m a better writer now than I was before. College writing is more challenging and I’ve had to learn how to adjust to it.

Over the semester we have written papers that have helped me develop my skills. Before we did the first two papers of the class, I really didn’t know much about paraphrase and summary. I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to learn these skills, but I soon realized that it wasn’t as…show more content…

My research paper turned out to be better than what I expected. At the beginning of the semester I thought it was going to be very difficult and I dreaded it. I knew it would take me longer than the other students because English is my second language. I think that that in itself was an obstacle I had to contend with. I knew that while I could speak English pretty well, writing it is a different story. I find it hard to believe when people say that a four page paper takes them two hours while it takes me twice as long. Although I was very envious of them at first, I came to the realization that practice makes perfect and practice is the only thing that I can do. And with that though I found that as the semester progressed, my pace quickened and I improved tremendously.

English class has helped me polish my writing skills and the results can be seen in my other classes also. Transforming my ideas into words is easier now because of the practice. I found this to be true in my philosophy class because we were always expressing out opinions and beliefs. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this task if it wasn’t for the practice that I received throughout English class.

I still have difficulty when it comes to expressing my thoughts in a way that doesn’t confuse the reader. Finding the appropriate word to explain certain things isn’t something

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