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Dental Hygiene Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter for Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists offer dental-care services to clients. They educate patients on food habits and keeping their teeth healthy and clean. In some places, they may help dentists in administering anesthesia as well. Their task is to provide support and save dentist's time in diagnosis and preparing patients for treatment. Depending upon the setting, they may or may not be supervised by the dentist.

Tips to write a cover letter

  • When applying to the dentist's clinic or a hospital for a dental hygienist position, the cover letter needs to have a standard business format. This is the format that is widely used for professional communication and job applications. Look at the sample given below and include your information in the same pattern, including date and the employer's detail.
  • Include a formal greeting starting with 'Dear' followed with the recipient's surname. Don't miss to mention Mr. or Ms. as required.
  • Start with the name of the position in the first paragraph even if you have had a talk with the hiring manager on the telephone about it the previous day, or the company has advertised the job opening. You can either say that you are perfect for the position, or provide a brief detail about your skills that are asked in candidates.
  • The body paragraphs come after introduction. This is where you will describe your capabilities you have added in the resume, yet being not repetitive. The cover letter gives you the liberty of including things no one adds in the resume. Therefore, explore this opportunity while talking about your experiences and attributes.
  • The ending must be a brief reminder about you. Conversely, propel the reader to take an action by inserting your contact number and asking him or her to call you.

Cover Letter Sample

Lillian J. Roush
1725 Stark Hollow Road
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Phone: 970-945-5057

October 01, 2013

Scot M. Joyce
Hiring Manager
Angle Dental Hospital
1443 Chicago Avenue
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Subject: Application for the position of Dental Hygienist

Dear Mr. Joyce,

I am writing to express my interest for the dental hygienist position which you have advertised in Time Magazine, dated October 10, 2013. I am a licensed professional in and have been working for over three years in this field. Along with the cover letter, I am attaching a resume to provide you a bigger picture of my work experience.

I have obtained a formal training for two years from Dental Medical College of Glenwood Springs. There I studied oral anatomy, nutrition, pharmacology and periodontology. With the kind of dental-care background I had and the opportunity to work with reputed dentists of the city, I have built vast skills. I am experienced in handling the evaluation procedure all alone for patient's oral health. I can take and record patient's health history, including administering oral hygiene and dental-care instruction to patients.

I am skilled in removing plaque and calculus from patient's teeth. Applying sealants and fluorides to stop decaying of teeth. Taking a radiographic impression of teeth, conduct screening, treat and prevent gum disease, maintain sterile conditions and educate patients. I can use these skills for Angel Dental Hospital to the optimal level. In addition, I can even mange administrative and procedural task efficiently.

I can offer a lot to help your organization receive further success. Call me at 970-945-5057 to let me know the convenient time of our meeting. Thank you for the job advertisement and your time.


Lillian J. Roush

Enclosure: resume

This cover letter sample is for right experienced candidates looking to change employer. If you also the one who need to change your office, then this sample will help you.

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The two cover letters on this page are for a dental hygienist and a dental assistant. Both applicants have professional work experience and are seeking employment in new dental clinics. Both cover letters have corresponding resumes on this website. The letters follow templates outlined in our step-by-step cover letter writing guide.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Dental Assistant
  2. Dental Hygienist

Dental Assistant Cover Letters

The cover letters below are based on the dental assistant resume on the left. The cover letter has been crafted to highlight the best achievements in the resume. In this letter, the candidate persuasively argues that he/she is the best candidate based on the job description written by the hiring manager.

Piece by piece, the applicant explains how his/her previous experience precisely matches the requirements set out by the hiring manager. Please click the images below to view the cover letter — we’ve displayed in in three different templates to show that there is room for creativity.

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Dental Assistant CL Template Pack

[Today’s Date]

[341 Company Address

Company City, State, xxxxx


Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. [Hiring Manager’s Name],

Please accept my enclosed application for the position of dental assistant at [Clinic Name]. I noticed your job posting on [Website Name] and am happy to say that my 4+ years of dental assistant experience matches your clinic’s needs perfectly.

First and foremost, I possess a Dental Assistant Associate Degree earned from Trident Technical College in 2012. Furthermore, I was recently re-certified by the Dental Assisting National Board in 2015, so I am in fact a Certified Dental Assistant. In other words, you can rely on me to have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as a full understanding of all safety and procedural guidelines that must be followed in a dental clinic.

I noticed in your job description that you are looking for a candidate that will require very little training and supervision. After gaining 4+ years of dental assisting experience, I can guarantee that I am completely familiar with the routines associated with patient care, record keeping, performing dental work, and handling scheduling, billing, insurance, and even doing inventory maintenance. I am prepared to immediately handle all assigned tasks competently and efficiently. Allow me to highlight three bullet points from my resume that I believe prove my point:

  • Prepare 15 patients daily to undergo dental procedures, and assist dentist with sterilizing or disinfect instruments, setting up instrument trays, and preparing materials
  • Take and record patient medical and dental histories and vital signs, and record treatment information in patient records with 100% accuracy
  • Monitor dental supplies and equipment inventory and make orders, achieving 5% reduction in expenses by discovering new suppliers

I would love to have an opportunity to join the team at [Clinic Name]. I am looking forward to having a more detailed discussion with you about how I can join your team and help you achieve your goals.


[Your Name]

Dental Hygienist Cover Letters

The cover letters below are based on the dental hygienist resume to the left. Writing a cover letter allows you to highlight the best parts of your resume and argue persuasively that your experience, skills, and abilities match the hiring manager’s requirements. You can follow the template that this cover letter sets out, and change it to match your own experience.

Click on the cover letters below to open them — they all contain the same information, but we wanted to show you how your information can be laid out in different ways. You can download any of these template for free and modify them as you wish.

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Dental Hygienist CL Template Pack

[Today’s Date]

[341 Company Address

Company City, State, xxxxx


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Manager’s Name),

I’m pleased to be writing to you today regarding my application for the dental hygienist position advertised on (Website Name). I believe my qualifications and professional experience make me an ideal candidate for this job. I have a passion for providing quality healthcare to patients, and educating them on the best dental practices.

After I received my Dental Assistant Certificate from Barry University, I was lucky enough to be hired as an entry-level assistant by APPLABS. There, I received first-rate training and was molded into an excellent dental professional. During my tenure at APPLABS, I developed the following abilities:

  • Taking and developing x-rays, preparing and sterilizing equipment
  • Processing impressions of patients’ teeth for study casts
  • Teaching patients about appropriate oral hygiene strategies
  • Assessing emergency situations and taking actions according to protocol

I believe a relationship with [Company Name] would be mutually beneficial, as I am seeking a challenging work environment where I can sharpen my skills to the fullest extent. I look forward to hearing from you, and would love to explain my background further during an interview.

Please find a detailed account of my work history in the attached resume. I appreciate your time and consideration.


[Your Name]