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Mgt503 Assignment 2 Idea Solution Inc

Question No: 1    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Sociology can be defined as:

       ► The study of people in relation to their fellow human beings   (page no 14 on handouts)

       ► The study of societies which help to learn about human and their activities

       ► It is the study of behavior of the individuals or groups within the political environment

       ► The science that seeks to measure and explains human behavior


Question No: 2    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 The Great China Wall has been built in almost:

       ► 900 years

       ► 956 years(page no 2 on handouts)

       ► 856 years

       ► 1000 years

Question No: 3    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 To motivate the employees a manager should give them:

       ► Monetary Incentives

       ► Promotion

       ► Appreciation certificates

       All of the given options (page no 88 on handouts)


Question No: 4    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Which of the following is most important characteristic of an entrepreneur?

       ► Planning

       ► Communication

       Rapid decision making

       ► Goal setting


Question No: 5   ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 A manager transmits the information outside the organization. He is performing which of the following role?

       ► Spokesperson(page no 08 on handouts)

       ► Representative

       ► Disseminator

       ► Agent


Question No: 6    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 All of the following are managerial roles identified in Mintzberg’s Model EXCEPT:

       ► Informational

       ► Interpersonal

       Functional(page no 08 on handouts)

       ► Decisional

Question No: 7    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 The concern of which of the following was to improve the performance of the overall functions of the organization?

       ► Quantitative Management

       Administrative Management(page no 19 on handouts)

       ► Scientific Management

       ► Bureaucratic Management


Question No: 8    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Henri Fayol was a successful industrialist of :

       France(page no 19 on handouts)

       ► Germany

       ► America

       ► Canada

Question No: 09   ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Chester Barnard saw organizations as a ______system that required human assistance.

       ► Moral

       ► Ethical

       Social(page no 20 on handouts)

       ► Technical


Question No: 10    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 A company commitment to develop a process that achieves high quality product and customer satisfaction is called:

       ► Knowledge management

       Total quality management(page no 24 on handouts)

       ► Marketing management

       ► System management

Question No: 11    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Two major characteristics of open system are :

       Negative entropy and synergy(page no 25 on handouts)

       ► Positive entropy and synergy

       ► Entropy and synergy

       ► Anthropology and synergy


Question No: 12    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Environment reacts to the output of organization and provides:

       ► Feed forward

       ► Input

       ► Output

       Feedbac(page no 25 on handouts)


Question No: 13    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 All of the following are major elements of the mega environment EXCEPT:

       ► Technological

       ► Economic

       ► Socio-cultural

       Competitors(page no 30 on handouts)


Question No: 14   ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 In a capitalistic economy, economic activity is governed by:

       ► Political forces

       Market forces(page no 30 on handouts)

       ► Economic forces

       ► Cultural forces


Question No: 15    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 All of the following are elements of Task environment EXCEPT :

       ► Suppliers

       ► Culture(page no 30 on handouts)

       ► Customers

       ► Competitors


Question No: 16    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 All of the following are Dimensions of organizational culture EXCEPT:

       ► Innovation

       ► Aggressiveness

       ► Stability

       Customer orientation(page no 31 on handouts)

Question No: 17    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 The principle reason for formation of the regional trading alliance in Europe was to reduce the power of the United States and:

       ► Canada

       ► Mexico

       ► Russia

       Japan(page no 37 on handouts)


Question No: 18    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Most of the time lower level management of organizations have to deal with problems which are:

       ► Satisficing

       Well-structured(page no 43 on handouts)

       ► Non-programmed

       ► Ill-structured    

Question No: 19    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Which of the following is the basic rule of brainstorming?

       Criticism is not allowed(page no 39 on handouts)

       ► Ideas should be radical

       ► Improvement of ideas is encouraged

       ► Quantity of idea production is stressed


Question No: 20   ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Which one of the following plans has clearly defined objectives?

       ► Directional

       ► Flexible

       Specific(page no 59 on handouts)

       ► Standing

Question No: 21    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Suppose as a manager of a Company you are performing an activity that involves budgeting and programming of your subordinates’ work. In this situation you are working as:

       ► Entrepreneur

       Resource allocator(page no 8 on handouts)

       ► Figurehead

       ► Monitor

22.----------- maintains self developed network of outside contacts and informers who

provide favors and information.

►  Entrepreneur

►  Monitor

►  Liaison (page no 8 on handout)

►   Figurehead

23-------------- is the planning and implementing of organizational systems and practices

that maximize the potential of employees to contribute to organizational goals and

develop their capabilities unhindered by group identities such as race, gender, age, or

ethnic group.

►   Managing Diversity(page no 13 on handout)

                                       ►  Anthropology

►   Bureaucracy

►   Remuneration

Question no.24.Seema desires for friendship, love, and a sense of belonging, we can say that  she

fulfils the_______

►  Physical need

►  Self Actualization

►  Social need (page no 90 on handout)

►   Esteem

25.A manager in a manufacturing company attempts to establish a culture of quality

affecting the attitudes and actions of every employee and relies on a workforce that

wants to improve quality. He focuses on establishing -----------------------------------.

►     Total Quality Management(page no 24 on handout)

►     Knowledge management

►     Operations Management

►      Management of Information System

26------------ is a condition in which the decision maker chooses a course of action without

complete knowledge of the consequences that will follow implementation.

►     Risk

►     Ambiguity

►     Accuracy

                 ►Uncertainty(page no 40 on handout)

27.Which of the following is the constituency in the environment that is affected by an

organization’ s decisions and policies and that can influence the organization.

►   Stockholders

►   Shareholders(page no 31 on handout)

►   Competitor

►   Stakeholders

28.NAFTA stands for :

North American Free Trade Agreement(page no 36on handout)

►North Asian Free Trade Agreement

►North American Free Trade Association

►   None of the given options

29.Which one of the following is not the characteristic of Weber’s ideal bureaucracy?

►   Specialization of labor

►   Formalization of rules

►   Division of labor(page no 18 on handout)

►   Formalization of links authority into a hierarchical structure

Question No: 30   ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Which of the following is NOT one of Fredrick Taylor's four principles of management?

       ► Avoid cooperation with workers(page no .16 on handout)

       ► Scientifically select and then train workers

       ► Divide work and responsibility

       ► Study tasks scientifically and develop best method to perform it

Question No: 31    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 The managerial functions according to Fayol were :

       ► Organizing, staffing, commanding, coordinating and controlling

       ► Commanding, organizing, planning, coordinating and staffing

       ► Controlling, commanding, organizing, planning and leading

       ► Planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling(page no .19 on handout)

32…..According to Maslow's hierarchy of need, a healthy work environment is an example of which of the following need?

       ► Physiological

       ► Esteem

       ► Safety(page no .90 on handout)

       ► Social

Question No: 33    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Which of the following management perspective focuses on decision making, economic effectiveness, mathematical models and use of computers?

       ► Knowledge management

       ► Total quality management

       ► Marketing management

       ► Quantitative management(page no .23 on handout)

Question No: 34    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Mega environment is also called:

       ► Open environment

       ► Close environment

       ► Flexible environment

       ► General environment(page no .29 on handout)


Question No: 35    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Environment made up of specific outside elements within which an organization interfaces in the course of conducting its business is called:

       ► Internal environment

       ► External environment

       ► The task environment(page no .30 on handout)

       ► The mega environment

Question No: 36    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Mega environment, that includes the attitudes, values, norms, beliefs, behaviors and associated demographic trends that are characteristics of a given geographic area, is called

       ► The socio-cultural element(page no .30 on handout)

       ► The international element

       ► The economic element

       ► The legal-political element


Question No: 37    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

  The belief that a firm's obligation goes beyond that required by law and economics, and includes a pursuit of long-term goals that are good for society is known as:

       ► Ethical responsibility

       ► Social responsibility(page no .32 on handout)

       ► Social obligation

       ► Social responsiveness


Question No: 38    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 A choice made from two or more alternatives is called:

       ► Support

       ► System

       ► Network

       ►Decision(page no .39 on handout)


Question No: 39   ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Most of the time lower level management of organizations have to deal with problems which are:

       ► Satisficing

       ► Well-structured(page no .43 on handout)

       ► Non-programmed

       ► Ill-structured   

Question No: 40    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 When an organization encounters a serious problem which needs to be solved immediately, it is called:

       ► Crisis problem (page no .41 on handout)

       ► Non- Crisis problem

       ► Opportunity problem

       ► Financial Problem

Question No: 41    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Which of the following refers to the concentration of decision authority at the top levels of the organizational hierarchy?

       ► Decentralization

       ► Departmentalization

       ► Centralization (page no .83 on handout)

       ► Formalization

Question No: 42    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 ‘Break-even Analysis’ is a means of earning profitable operations of the business through concrete calculations. Therefore, it falls under:

       ► Scientific management

       ► Behavioral management

       ► Management science

       ► Operation management

Question No: 43    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 Which of the resource allocation technique gives more emphasis to allotment of time?

       ► Budgeting

       ► Scheduling(page no .53 on handout)

       ► Break even analysis

       ► Linear programming


Question No: 44    ( Marks: 1 )    - Please choose one

 All of the following are the parts of organization’s external environment, EXCEPT:

       ► Organizational cultures(page no .31 on handout)

       ► Target customers

       ► Company competitors

       ► Performance regulators


(45) In general, entrepreneurs are better able than managers in a traditional hierarchical organization to

􀂾 lead.

􀂾 organize.

􀂾 respond to a changing environment. (page no 7 on handout)

􀂾 respond to a static environment

46. Which of the following statements about middle managers is not true?

􀂾 Middle managers coordinate the work of supervisors.

􀂾 Middle managers implement the objectives and plans of top management.

􀂾 The number of middle managers in the most organizations is increasing. (page no 11 on handout)

Due Date: 14 November
Marks: 10
Topic: “Behavioral Theories of Management… Maslow’s Theory of Need”
The Case:
Saleena Ali was the manager at Aroosh, a well-established Health and Fitness club in Lahore.
Aroosh has made its name in the local market as provider of high quality fitness classes in
form of gym and aerobics. The instructors were considered superior to those working in other
facilities as they were catering to more classes in a day and has more experience due to this.
It was offering around 50 classes each of aerobics and gym (trainer sessions) in a week giving
its members a wide range of class times to choose from.
Saleena had recently been promoted as manager after working at Aroosh as the aerobics
instructor. She was a very popular instructor among the members and was considered as one
of the reasons of their aerobics program success. When she was made manager, the club was
not financially in a good position mainly due to the high percentage of earnings going
towards payroll. She upon becoming manager cut the cost, by eliminating unnecessary
management positions. Though there was unavoidable unhappiness, Saleena was pleased that
the management side of the club was now in order and not taxing on their earnings.
Now her concern was the reception staff, aerobics instructors and gym trainers who according
to her were not working as they should be. She noticed that they all were spending most of
the time chatting with each other and also not giving their best towards conducting classes
and sessions. Sessions of aerobics and gym were not timely starting and equipment (music
player, gym equipment) was not ready on time for session. Instructors and receptionists were
also accustomed to informally swapping shifts and classes when the posted schedule
conflicted with other plans. Most of them were University students, studying in morning or
evening shifts at different universities. They were paid minimum of 100 Rs an hour for
receptionist and 300 Rs per session to the instructor which was more or less equal to the
market rate.
Saleena decided to hold a general meeting with the reception staff and instructors to let them
know her expectations from them. She was their mentor before and had a friendly relation
with them but now her duty as manager was to ensure smooth running of business and make
profit for the club. She was genuinely concerned about the club as she had worked hard to
make it a success for her professional as well as personal reasons. She told the instructors and
receptionist to give their best to make Aroosh a profitable club once again. She explained to
them that they need to work on their lax attitude. She emphasized on no chit chat and the
relaxed of working they are used to off. Saleena asked the receptionists to be on their seats at
all times and instructors were told to be prepared for their sessions 15 minutes before the
scheduled time. Casual and informal shift changing was also prohibited and could only be
done with her consent. She explained that when the club will be successful they all will feel
proud that they are responsible for this success.
A few weeks later Saleena was shocked to see receptionists, instructors leaving their jobs
and joining other places even though they were offering less salary. Over all morale of the
remaining staff was also down. Saleena thought that she felt so good when she saw the club
becoming successful and knowing she has a part in making it successful but why does these
people not feel the same?
Discussion Questions:
Q 1) Describe the motivational problems of the staff at Aroosh using Abraham Maslow’s
Needs Hierarchy. (5)
Q 2) What strategies should Saleena adopt to deal with the problems? (5)
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