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Rmit Research Essay Ideas


The discussion section of a report interprets the results of the research. It is here that the findings are woven together and the major issues/themes are identified and discussed.

The discussion section aims to:

  • state/identify the main research findings/themes
  • interpret and weave the results together to show what they mean
  • link the results to other research.

Identifying the major themes in the results will help structure the discussion, especially in long reports. These can often be used as headings.

Sample discussion paragraph

Another significant finding of this study was that 80% of respondents found mobile phones are distracting in learning environments. This result differs from other similar studies.According to Lau (2011), staff were increasingly using mobile technologies in tutorials and saw them as a valuable addition to the classroom. Further to this, mobile technology has the potential to become a critical tool for teaching (Bond 2010).This difference suggests that the technology can be used effectively if it is integral to the learning process. However,if it is used as a distracting social tool in a tutorial, control of its use is justified.

Discussion of results

Link to other research

Student analysis/comment

Integrating references

There are two useful strategies for including references in your writing:

  • Reporting words/phrases
  • Linking words/phrases.

Choosing the most appropriate reporting words is important as it represents the original writer by showing the degree of certainty of their opinion or findings. When using words from the following list, be aware that their meanings all differ.

Reporting words/phrases

Suggest(s) (that)Maintain(s) (that)
Argue(s) (that)Found (that)
According (to)Promote(s)
Outline(s) Establish(ed) by
Focus(es) onAsserts (that)
Define(s) Show(s)
Conclude(s) (that)Claim(s) (that)

Linking words

Linking words enable the writer to show the connections between ideas. We use linking words to emphasise the writer’s analysis of their research.


In addition,
In contrast,

See Linking words for full list.

See Integrating references for more assistance.


Search these key databases for articles and more:

  • DAAI: Design and Applied Arts Index (ProQuest)
    Key design database providing access to quality design articles from international journals.
  • Informit
    Key source of Australian content. Covers a broad range of disciplines including architecture, design, engineering and history.
  • Art and Architecture Archive (Proquest)
    An archive of magazines comprising key research material in the fields of art and architecture, dating from the late-nineteenth century to the twenty-first. Subjects covered include fine art, decorative arts, architecture, interior design, industrial design, and photography.
  • More databases
    See these databases for more industrial design articles.
  • Australian Standards online
    - Contains the full text of all current Australian Standards and draft Australian standards to which Standards Australia holds the copyright.
    - Contains many (but not all) of the Australian Standards Handbooks.
    - Lists ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards.
  • Library guide to standards
    See this guide for information on accessing ASTM International standards and obtaining other standards from the library.

Materials and product information

  • Material ConneXion
    Key source to discover and research new and innovative materials and processes from around the world. Architects, engineers and industrial and interior designers can discover materials from a large spectrum of industries typically unnoticed or difficult to reach by the design community.
  • Ecospecifier
    A knowledge base of over 6000 eco-products, materials, technologies and resources. Leading global source of sustainable, life-cycle assessed green product information including Global GreenTagCertTM certified and rated products.

Images and videos

See the following Library guide for help inding visual resources:


Looking for the Library's books and e-books on industrial design? Use LibrarySearch to find them.

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