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Cover Letter Hairdressing Apprenticeship Programs

Hair stylists are here to help their clients look their best, so put as much effort into making a great first impression when applying as a hair stylist with a professional cover letter. Learn the steps of writing a cover letter with our comprehensive guide, but we’ve also compiled some specific tips for hair stylists looking for a new job.

Feel free to reference our sample cover letter, or use our cover letter builder to construct a personal cover letter for you in minutes.

Table of Contents

  1. Hair Stylist Cover Letter Sample & Resume (Image)
  2. Hair Stylist Cover Letter (Text Format)
  3. 4 Tips for Writing Your Hair Stylist Cover Letter

1. Hair Stylist Cover Letter Sample & Resume (Image)

The below images show both the Hair stylist Cover Letter and the Hair stylist Resume. You can download your own for free by clicking the images below.

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Download the Hair Stylist Cover Letter Sample in MS Word

2. Hair Stylist Cover Letter (Text Format)

Nov. 19, 2017

Patricia Hayworth


Bombshell Salon and Beauty Bar

531 Westwood Street, Suite 2

Spartanburg, SC, 29403

(843) 234-8416

[email protected]

RE: Hair stylist Position Application

Dear Mrs. Hayworth:

I am excited to apply for the position of Hair stylist at Bombshell Salon and Beauty Bar in Spartanburg, SC. As a hair stylist with over five years of experience providing quality hair care services to clients, I would love to use my skills and passion to uphold Bombshell Salon’s excellent reputation in the Spartanburg area.

I earned my Certificate in Cosmetology from Charleston Cosmetology Institute in 2011. After becoming a South Carolina State Board licensed cosmetologist, I joined Lily’s Beauty Salon, where I gained hands-on experience performing a variety of hair care services including cuts, perms, color, and blowouts. In addition to building a satisfied customer base, I proved my sales capability by raising the salon retail revenue by 10% through product transactions.

Currently, I work as a hair stylist at Salon Soleil in Spartanburg, where I consult with over 45 individual clients each year for special event styling on top of regular salon services. As an experienced member of our salon team, I educate two hair styling apprentices in hair knowledge, styling techniques, and safety and sanitation practices. Furthermore, I positively represent the salon in all interactions with clients as the greeter, consultant, and scheduler.

With my expert hair styling skills and dedication to customer service, I am certain that I would be an invaluable addition to the Bombshell Salon and Beauty Bar team. I would love the opportunity to interview with you and further discuss how I can contribute to Bombshell’s steady growth. You can contact me at [PHONE] or by email at [EMAIL]. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Jessica Woodley

3. 4 Tips for Writing Your Hair Stylist Cover Letter

1. Prove you can work well with clients

A salon’s bottom line is creating satisfied customers who will spread positive word-of-mouth and return for additional services. Include duties from your previous positions in which you regularly interact with salon clients, whether it be professional consultations or friendly greetings from the front desk and over the phone.

2. Show teamwork and leadership capabilities

When writing your cover letter, tell an example of how you have worked with a team before.

Hair stylists work closely together as a team to handle appointments and schedules, so it’s important for hiring managers to know that you are a team player. When writing a cover letter, tell an example of how you have worked with a team before – bonus points if you have taken the lead of a group, project, or training.

3. Flaunt some figures

Compared to other professions, hair stylists don’t receive as much quantified feedback for their work. Therefore, including a statistic or two of measured achievement such as sales or positive feedback will automatically make your application stand out.

4. Specify your work background

Each salon has its own unique brand, so give hiring managers a better idea of your capabilities and style as a hair stylist by specifying the salons or types of freelance work you have done up until now. This also includes your cosmetology education and license, as this is one of the first qualifications potential employers will want to see on your application.

Sample Hairdresser Cover Letter

If you are applying for a Hairdresser, Junior Hairdresser or Trainee Hairdresser position you should make sure that you enclose a well written cover letter with your  Hairdresser CV or resume.  A great way of knowing what to include in your hairdresser cover letter is to read and analyse the job advert you are replying to.  Most advertised vacancies will include a job description and person specification.  Make sure that you read these; that you have the skills required and that you clearly highlight them in either your cover letter or your Hairdresser CV / resume.

If you are sending out a speculative cover letter, find out as much as you can about the company.  This can give you insight into what you can include in your cover letter.

What should your Hairdresser cover letter contain?

The point of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and to get the reader to look at your CV or resume.  A good cover letter should grab the reader’s attention by highlighting your skills, qualities, experience and suitability for the job in 3 or 4 paragraphs.  It should make the reader interested enough to read your CV / resume for more details.

As a hairdresser you should be sociable, creative, a good communicator and able to work in a busy environment so your hairdresser cover letter should give examples of:

  • Experience and qualifications
  • Your communication and people skills
  • Examples of your creativity and flair
  • Knowledge of the industry and knowledge of latest practices
  • Knowledge of Health & Safety

Make sure your cover letter enhances your Hairdresser CV / resume by keeping it relevant and to the point.  Check it yourself, then get someone you trust to check it again for spelling and grammar.


Free sample cover letter for a Hairdresser, Junior Hairdresser or Trainee Hairdresser role

40 Any Rd


Tel: 0208 888888 Mobile: 077 777777

E-mail: [email protected]

E Scissorhands

Snippit and See Salon

1 Any Street


Today’s date

Dear Ms Scissorhands

Vacant Post of Junior Hairdresser

I wish to apply for the position of Junior Hairdresser as advertised in the Anytown Gazette and on The Personal Development Cafe website.

As you can see from my enclosed CV, I have recently completed my Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Hairdressing for which I gained a Level 2 Diploma.

A requirement of the apprenticeship was to undertake work in a salon.  I successfully found my own placement with my local branch of Snippit and See where I was trained by members of your company.  Working with Snippit and See was really enjoyable and has further inspired me to pursue my goal of a successful career in the hair and beauty industry.

Having read the job description and person specification supplied, I am confident that I fill all the criteria required in that I:

  • Have successfully completed my apprenticeship and hold a Level 2 Diploma in Hairdressing
  • Have experience of cutting, washing and setting hair.
  • Am a good communicator, both written and verbal.
  • Enjoy working in a busy environment and am a good team and independent worker
  • Aware of Health & Safety and equality and diversity.

I am a very creative person with a passion for making a successful career in hairdressing, and having experienced working in a Snippit And See salon, am convinced that I can further my skills and make a positive contribution to your team if given the opportunity.

If you require any more information I would be happy to provide it and can be contacted either by telephone on the numbers on my CV or by email [email protected]

I am available for interviews at your convenience and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


[sign here]




Before you send out your Hairdresser cover letter, please remember how important it is to check for grammar and punctuation. Sometimes a word transposed or omitted can have a devastating effect. Just look at some of the worst CV mistakes for examples of bad grammar and punctuation.

Once you have constructed a great Hairdresser CV covering letter that will impress, you can search for a job in your country or overseas, find the latest hairdressing jobs and start applying instantly by uploading your CV / resume online.

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If you have any questions, comments, need help writing a Hairdresser  CV or resume or would like further information on how to write a CV or resume, use our comment form below and we will gladly try and get the advice and guidance that you need.