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Atg Modify Order Of Assignment

I am trying to perform order and profile search operations on CSC, but they return no results.

I the components /atg/commerce/textsearch/OrderOutputConfig/ and /atg/userprofiling/textsearch/ProfileOutputConfig/ and I found them indexing perfectly in the tables SRCH_ORDER_TOKENS and SRCH_PROFILE_TOKENS respectively.

After enabling loggingDebug in both components I found that the search query has additional condition seems that it's related to multisite pfrmZeroRealmsAccessible, however I found that all tokens stored in DB for orders and customers have this value pfrmdft. Below is the query extracted from logs:

Note: My application has only one single site (not multisite) however I found some configuration files created by CIM related to multisite which I can't remove.

Please help me answering the following question:

  1. Is this issue really related to multisite configuration and how can I fix this problem in orders and customers search?
  2. In Oracle commerce 11.1 how can I disable working with multisite?



asked Oct 12 '14 at 13:25

You can access a customer’s existing orders to make changes, such as adding items to an order, updating the quantities for items in an order, and even canceling an order.

For information on how to process refunds and exchanges, see Handling Appeasements, Refunds, Exchanges, and Returns.

The tasks that you can perform on an existing order depend on the order’s stage of development, which is indicated by the order’s status. For example, you cannot cancel an order with a status of No Pending Action because an order with this status has already been shipped to the customer. Also note that individual items, shipping groups, and payment groups also have statuses to indicate their stage in the ordering process. Like order statuses, they also determine whether you can perform a given task. For each task described in this section, the statuses that prohibit the given task are noted.

Note: Commerce Service Center does not support Commerce B2B features within orders. If the order contains a B2B feature, such as a purchase order or cost centers, you will be able to view the order, but will be unable to make any modifications to the order. An error message will appear, indicating that the order contains unsupported features and cannot be modified.

For a list of all of the possible statuses, see Appendix A, Commerce Status Codes.

Modifying Existing Orders